Ebike Moorea is the leading importer and hire company of Ebikes in French Polynesia since 2016

Delivery in your accommodation and everywhere on the island of Moorea

Discover the island of Moorea in an authentic way...

Let yourself be transported to the magical places of Moorea by Electric Bike

Don't be exhausted by bike and enjoy your holidays, it's possible with EBike Moorea !


From 8 to 88 years, everyone can ride this means of transport 


Trendy, Fun and easy to ride !

Electric Bikes will allow you to make an island tour of Moorea (62KM), explore the riches of Opunohu Bay (Belvedere Lookout, Pineapple plantations, Polynesian temples, Old trees, Mountain bike trails...)

And enjoy new places inaccessible until now. 


All places are accessible in Electric Bike !

EBike Moorea offers rental & guided tours in Electric Bike

Delivery directly to your accommodation ! 







Samedi 27/9 OFF







Overvolt HT529













Lundi 26







From 10 months to 5 years


We have selected for you high-end Ebikes, motorization BOSCH and YAMAHA,

They are the best in their category !


Explore Moorea with its handlebars is a real treat, no matter your level. There is no need to be in a great sportsman's condition ! 

Once installed on the saddle, hands on the handlebars, you already feel that ride will be a real moment of relaxation : the first pedal stroke is given, and that's when it takes you to the chosen rhythm on the roads of Moorea.


You decide to speed up the pace a little ? The assistance to the pedaling allows to reach 25km/h, beyond, you pedal more and transform the ride into sports outing !


BOSCH & YAMAHA , 120 km of autonomy

Bikes Moorea



           It’s a classic bike with :

  • An electric motor located in the pedals. Its power is to 250W and its speed of 25 km/h.
  • A battery 400W with an autonomy of 120 km (depending of the weight, the mode of assistance…) 
  • An electronic controller that regulates the various components.
  • A control consol on the handlebar which allows to adjust levels of assistance, to know its mileage, it’s distance traveled...



The engine is only an assistance to the pedaling. The user must pedal to activate the electric assistance. The electrical motor starts then automatically and is stop instantaneously to braking or the stop.


Can I also ride without assistance?

Yes, for those who want to ride without the electric assistance and choose to activate it at will, our bikes offer a control consol on the handlebar allowing to choose several modes of assistance and the possibility to stop the engine.