Ebike Moorea is the leading importer and hire company of Ebikes in French Polynesia since 2016

Get ready for the ultimate EBike adventure !

 You'll start your day with a brief explanation on the operation of electric bikes before getting on the road in direction of Opunohu Bay, an experienced guide will guide you to the best view point of Moorea : 

The Belvedere ! 

A must-see place in the heart of the ancient crater that offers a breathtaking view on the Cook and Opunohu Bays.


The first stop will be inside the crater of the volcano where you can observe the famous pierced mountain, you will then discover the vast pineapple plantations of Moorea, next stop : the agricultural school ! You will taste the local jams Pineapple, Tiare, Papaya, Corossol, Banana... a real palett of flavor ! you will also have the opportunity to taste the fresh pineapple juice ! after a relaxing break, we leave for the visit of the Polynesian temples (Marae), we ride one last time on the bike for the ascent of the Belvedere ! arrived at the summit, a breathtaking view is waiting for you...

You'll can admire the view and take beautiful pictures !

It's time to go back down to see the hundred-year-old tree, the very impressive 350-year-oldBanian !

Throughout the walk you will nourish your knowledge on the luxuriant flora, and on the legends of Moorea...



7500 CFP/person (75$)

DURATION : 3H / 3H30


Equipment provided : Helmets, children's trailer on request  

Restrictions : minimum size 1,40m, maximum weight 120kg, minimum age 8 years

What to bring : water bottles, closed shoes or sneakers, mosquito repellent


Moorea as you will never see !

Discover the interior of the island !

Off the beaten track, a guide will accompany you in mountain bike tours in the middle of pineapple plantations !

  You will be surrounded by lush nature in absolute calm ...

We have selected circuits of easy level and accessible to all.

Rises, descents, soil... a fun ride without getting too tired !



6500 CFP/person (65$)



CONDITION: Have already practiced easy level Moutain Bike

Equipment provided : Helmets

Restrictions : minimum size 1,40m, maximum weight 120kg, minimum age 8 years


What to bring : Backpack, water bottles, closed shoes or sneakers